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All you have to do is upload your videos and photos to us, and we'll take care of the rest! It's quick and simple.

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You'll get your edited video via email within 5-7 days, but if you want it even faster, choose our speedy turnaround option and you'll have it in just 48 hours!

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Let us know what you think of the video, and we're happy to work with you on unlimited free revisions. There are no extra charges and no strings attached!

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Sit back and relax while we deliver professionally edited videos at lightning-fast speeds and the best rates.

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Dedicated Team

Our team of dedicated professionals, including a video editor, thumbnail artist, and managing editor, work together to ensure that we capture and perfect your unique style. You can communicate with them directly on every video to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Unlimited Effects

Our team of experts, including a video editor, thumbnail artist, and managing editor, collaborate to perfect your unique style. You can communicate with them directly on each video to ensure that we capture and deliver the essence of your vision.

Motion Graphics

Want cool designs like custom graphics, animations, titles, lower thirds, or captions in your videos? We’ve totally got your back!

Licensed Assets

No need to worry about copyright strikes! We only use fully licensed music, sound effects, stock footage, and graphics in our videos.

Fast Turnaround

We’re super quick! Our first draft usually only takes 4-5 days, and revisions take only 24 hours. Our aim is always to deliver an awesome video in the first try.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does video editing cost?

Our video editing services start at just $149 for a video. You get to pick the length and quality specs when you request a quote, so you’re in control. And don’t forget to snag our Buy Two Get One Free or other insane deals to save some serious cash!

Can I use any song?

Absolutely, you have the option to upload your own song. In case you don’t have any personal tracks, you can either utilize popular songs for private purposes or choose a royalty-free track from our impressive music collection.

How do I upload or share my files?

After placing your video editing order, we will provide you with a personalized Dropbox link via email for uploading all your footage. Additionally, you may utilize your preferred cloud sharing service, such as iCloud, GoPro Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc., to share everything.

Can I get the project files?

Sure thing! We can give you a Premiere Pro Project file if you need it. But really, we offer unlimited revisions for free, so most of our customers don’t end up requiring it. We promise you’ll love the result, or we’ll give you your money back.

Can I include footage from different cameras?

You can upload anything you want! Like seriously, any videos and/or photos from any camera, phone, or device in any format, aspect ratio, resolution, or frame rate. Our video editing pros will combine them together flawlessly to create a seamless video.

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