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How much does video editing cost?

Our video editing services start at just $149 for a video. You get to pick the length and quality specs when you request a quote, so you’re in control. And don’t forget to snag our Buy Two Get One Free or other insane deals to save some serious cash!

Can I use any song?

Absolutely, you have the option to upload your own song. In case you don’t have any personal tracks, you can either utilize popular songs for private purposes or choose a royalty-free track from our impressive music collection.

How do I upload or share my files?

After placing your video editing order, we will provide you with a personalized Dropbox link via email for uploading all your footage. Additionally, you may utilize your preferred cloud sharing service, such as iCloud, GoPro Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc., to share everything.

Can I get the project files?

Sure thing! We can give you a Premiere Pro Project file if you need it. But really, we offer unlimited revisions for free, so most of our customers don’t end up requiring it. We promise you’ll love the result, or we’ll give you your money back.

Can I include footage from different cameras?

You can upload anything you want! Like seriously, any videos and/or photos from any camera, phone, or device in any format, aspect ratio, resolution, or frame rate. Our video editing pros will combine them together flawlessly to create a seamless video.

How much footage should I give you?

You can give us every bit of footage you’ve got, or you can cherry-pick your favorite clips (totally optional, though). Our editors will sift through everything and pick out the absolute best bits just for you. If you want to add more stuff later, just toss it in your order whenever you want. If we happen to miss something, don’t sweat it! We’ll fix it up in our free revisions.

What if my footage isn’t good enough?

We promise that you’ll be super stoked with our work, or we’ll give you your cash back. You won’t believe how killer our editors are at turning dull footage into awesome videos. Just scroll down and peep our reviews to see for yourself!

Can I add special requests or notes?

Heck yeah! You can slap on as many or as few special requests as you want on your customization page.

How long does it take to get my video?

Once you’ve uploaded your footage and filled out the customizing form, we’ll ship your video right to your inbox within 7 days. If you want some revisions done, we’ll get those bad boys finished up in 4 days or less!

What's included in the free revision?

You get infinite revisions, baby! Feel free to tell us to nix some clips, shuffle the order, crank up or dial down the volume, switch up the intro or outro, whatever you need. We’ll work with you to make sure your video is absolute fire!

Can I include mostly photos?

Totally! We can toss in some pics or whip up a whole slideshow video for ya. You can include whatever pics or footage you want from any camera. We’re talking all aspect ratios, frame rates, and formats, baby!

Can I upload 4K or 360 raw footage?

Yup, we take all aspect ratios, video resolutions, and video formats, no problemo. Our editors are beasts and can handle the massive file sizes and processing power needed to render and export 4k and/or 360 footage at the highest quality possible.

Ready to start?

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